luni, 10 decembrie 2012

viitorul incepe de luni/ future starts monday

Cred ca ceea ce va fi depinde de ce fac acum. De ce fel de om sunt acum. Viitorul imi pare a fi povestea care te gaseste intr-un anumit fel, intr-o anumita stare. Poate m-as putea pregati mai bine culegand informatii. Daca mi-as arunca deodata ca pe-o palarie dorintele mici, scamele astea care imi incetoseaza privirea. Dar imi doresc minuni si nu certitudini. A trai imi pare ca-nseamna a crea timp, murind putin cate putin din tine, dar adaugand la ce este.

 I think that what will be depends on what i do now. Of what kind of a person i am now. The future seems to be the story that finds you in a certain way, a certain mood. Perhaps i could prepare myself better if i were to gather informations. I would at some point thtrow all my small wishes like a hat, these fluffs that darken my sight. But i wish for wonders and not certainties. To live is to me like creating time, little parts of you dying, but adding up to what there already is.


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